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srvctl start su oracle

With the article “srvctl start listener,” we provide the command to start the Oracle listener on a node of an RAC through CRS.

The LISTENER is the process that allows network connections to the Oracle database.

Its role is to guide the OS-side process to the database. Once the session is generated within the DB, the process is detached from the LISTENER, which resumes its regular function.

When there’s a standalone instance, i.e., an instance without CRS, the command for managing the listener is lsnrctl. Through this command, we can stop, start, or reload the listener in case of configuration file parameter modifications.

However, when CRS is present, the command to stop and start will be as indicated in the following mini-guide.

Before executing the start, check the status of resources with the command:

crsctl status res -t

The command to execute srvctl start listener is:

srvctl start listener -n <nome_nodo> -l <nome_listener>


srvctl start listener -n car_test_01 -l LISTENER_DBTESTp1


Once the command prompt is returned, recheck the status of resources with the command:

crsctl status res -t

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