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ScriptDBA.com was born in April 2015 from the idea of ​​two brothers, Alessandro Caredda for DBA side and Andrea Caredda for the web configuration, who have decided to combine their skills acquired in their respective job roles.

The first project started with a Joomla based web site. The purpose was to have a reference point for all novice Oracle DBAs, providing queries, statements, blocks of code to query and the Oracle database management.

In these 5 years, I have started to run courses on Oracle databases for clients and companies with which I have collaborated. Considered the feedback from the employees who followed the courses, and the satisfaction received, I understood that through my words, I was able to convey the passion with which I have always done my job to a facilitated learning system, based on my experience.

Then, I noticed that my LinkedIn profile was visited by HR staff on an almost daily basis and I have often received job offers from prestigious companies, even beyond the European territory with important economic returns.

The method of exposure to companies was the right one, as was the right way to introduce myself, pass interviews and do the job in the most professional way.

Hence I got the idea to ​​transmit my winning method to all my website users.
So I started writeing public didactic material created for private corporate purposes and giving the opportunity to anyone who wants to pursue an IT career and start from Oracle databases without too much difficulty.

This is the main difference between us and other online professional schools.

In addition to the technical courses, included in the price, there will be courses in which it is explained in detail, how to create the professioanl resume, how to introduce yourself and pass job interviews. Finally we will be at your disposal whenever you need it by promptly answering your questions.

With the development in WordPress, the new ScriptDBA.com is presented with new clothes: dynamic menus, innovative pages, but above all new sections, aimed at training and E-recruitment in Italy in the world for DBA positions. The best job offers present throughout the world from the main E-recruitment sites will be selected for you. The latest implementation of the ScriptDBA.com site is the Troubleshooting section where tutorials on creating small laboratory environments with different types of databases on different operating systems are reported, and the Solution section where the procedures to be followed for routine troubleshooting will be reported.

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